Betty's Ice-Cream Collaboration with Chef Brian Magill SERC


Betty's Ice-Cream is always looking at how to innovate with new flavours and still stay true to using local and high quality ingredients.

During the winter of 2021 we teamed up with Brian Magill from the South Eastern Regional College in Bangor to develop a new flavour steeped in Belfast history. This new flavour has been named Brown lemonade. You can read more about our collaboration by clicking on the link,

So, where did it come from? What are it’s origins?  It is generally accepted as fact in Northern Ireland that brown lemonade began its life in the shipyards of Harland & Wolff, shipbuilders of the world renowned Titanic.

The owners banned the consumption of alcohol during working hours.   And thus, brown lemonade was born! It is a 'soft' drink and brown in colour. 

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