Betty's Ice Cream Birthday Celebration Pack
Ice Cream cakes delivered for special events in Northern Ireland Betty's Ice Cream Birthday Celebration Pack consists of your choice of 4 x 1 litres of ice-cream flavours plus your choice of two toppings and choice of two sauces. Tubs,...
Betty's Ice Cream House-Warming Party (2-12 People)
Buying a house is stressful. You deserve to celebrate! Celebrate getting the keys to your new home or moving house with friends and some smooth relaxing ice cream. You can order a selection of 4 x 1 litres of different...
Betty's Ice Cream Hen Party Celebration Pack
When planning your Hen Party reach out to Betty who can inspire you with ideas for your event. We can provide a Celebration Pack containing 4 x 1 litres of ice cream chosen by you plus toppings and sauce. We...
Betty's Ice Cream Party Pack
If you have a special party coming up reach out to Betty who will help you put together a winning combination of ice creams, toppings and sauces. Why have wine and cheese when you can have ice cream! Betty's Ice...
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