Betty's Ice Cream

Our Story

Betty’s Ice-Cream is a new business venture by Bethany Boyd creating delicious, smooth, scoopable ice-cream in a variety of tub sizes to suit your requirements. This idea came about during Covid-19 lockdown as she thought about how people like ice-cream and how a different approach could be taken. With the benefit of work experience, studying at Loughry and market research a plan started to take shape. The natural place for this to be based was on the family farm outside Pomeroy.

Our Ice Cream

Bethany has been working with ice-cream professionals to develop processes and flavours based on using whole milk. The recipe will be a delight for your taste buds. As part of the desire to meet different consumers expectations you will see our range of ice-cream develop. Bethany wants to provide consumers with the opportunity to source locally made ice-cream direct from her production site at 44 Turnabarson Road, Pomeroy BT70 2TP on Saturdays between 12.00 Noon and 3.00pm or through buying online.

Stay Up to Date

You can stay social and keep up to date with flavours and events by following Betty’s Ice-Cream on Facebook and Instagram. Betty’s Ice-Cream is all about, “Bringing Friends & Family Together.” Party Packs can be tailor made for special events and collected or delivered to your chosen address.

Bethany is mindful that the modern consumer is looking for an Ethical product which includes good animal and environmental welfare.

For your ice-cream requirements chat to Bethany for a fresh approach to eating ice-cream.
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